The right to write in English

Over the past year working as a copywriter for marketing communications agency Briiffi I figured out something groundbreaking. A writer with a master’s degree in Finnish is actually capable of writing in English. And the result hasn’t been too bad. What do you know!

So I wrote and liked it. And I’ll continue writing in English now that I’m working for myself. I’ll have the English texts proofread before I send them over to my clients. I definitely don’t want to sell bad content and make it my client’s problem. Smartasses might find bloopers in this post though. Relax! I’m only shooting myself in the foot. No client was harmed.

Why so modest?

It’s funny how I’ve always thought I don’t have the right to write marketing content in English. Why? Because I’m not a native speaker, I haven’t spent years abroad or studied English. Turns out I’ve been an idealist little martyr all by myself. Meanwhile, other writers have been going at it. I’m an idiot.

It happens. The fact is that my first language, main working language and education is Finnish. Not planning to change my business plan and lifelong passion any time soon. But I have to admit English is a fresh addition.

Are linguists in advertising rare?

I have no idea, but I consider it one of my strong assets. Since the day I started my business, the ability to write linguistically impeccable creative content has been the essence of my personal brand. Heck, when did I start sounding like an ad woman. Not sure whether or not it’s a good thing.

By the way, I have a messy relationship with Swedish too. More about that love-hate in another post.

Right now I’m extra-dextra excited to take English on the menu. No more miss humble pants!

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